Introduction to going offshore
Kim Weiss

"Our country is wherever we are well off." - John Milton (1666).

This is 48th anniversary of the Tax Haven Manual (ISBN 87-981032-0-2)
since I first started publishing my renowned book in 1975 when I lived in Monaco. A lot has happened since.
Especially the Internet, where you now can get most of the information I published in my book for free.

The elementary / crude definition of going offshore is:

1. Buy a boat and sail 12 miles off the coast.
2. Get into your car and drive across the border.
3. Get on a plane and fly out of the country.

- or follow the best advice, consult one of the numerous expert offshore service providers on the Internet!

See how: Tax havens explained: How the rich hide money. See who does / did it: ICIJ Ooffshore Leaks Database.
Luxembourg tax files: how tiny state rubber-stamped tax avoidance on an industrial scale - The Guardian.

Learn from Google's tax loophole (the "Double Irish" and the "Dutch Sandwich" strategy),
Offshore Secrets - British Virgin Islands: the world's leading offshore haven, the Mobile Wealthy Residency Index
and last - but not least - study the PT - The Perpetual Traveller philosophy and lifestyle.

According to Financial News and Henley & Partners the world's Top 10 tax havens & offshore financial centers are at the moment the following:
1: British Virgin Islands 1: Singapore 2: Dubai 3: Switzerland 4: Luxembourg 5: Monaco 6: Jersey & Guernsey 7: Isle of Man. 8: Cayman Islands 9: Panama 10: Netherlands.

Before you commit yourself, check OECD's list of unco-operative tax haven jurisdictions, The Complete OECD Tax Haven Blacklist, and read The Price of Offshore Revisited:
"Global super-rich has at least US$21 trillion hidden in secret tax havens." The research was undertaken for the Tax Justice Network by former McKinsey & Company chief economist James Henry.

Kim Weiss


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